Available Workshops

Employee Education Workshops

Summit Financial is pleased to be able to offer the following Employee Education Workshops:

  • Introduction to Financial Planning
    An overview of personal financial management and the six areas of Financial Planning.
  • Personal Risk Management
    A comprehensive review of the short- and long-term risks we face and the best ways to protect against them.
  • Planning and Saving for Higher Education
    The why, when and how of saving for higher education, including how to take advantage of available tax breaks.
  • Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction
    How prudent asset allocation and wealth management can improve your financial results.
  • Retirement Planning
    A comprehensive overview of how to prepare for retirement and generate the income needed to maintain your lifestyle in retirement.
  • Estate Planning & Administration
    Defining what Estate Planning really is and the importance of proper preparation.

Please feel free to contact us and schedule a single workshop or series of workshops that would be most convenient for your employees. We generally recommend that these meetings be held at lunchtime or, alternatively, as an end-of-business session.

The seminars/webinars held through August 2011 are when the professionals of Summit Financial were with Ogilvie Security Advisors Corp. The professionals of Summit Financial have not been with Ogilvie Security Advisors Corp. since August 31, 2011 and have no further affiliation with that organization.