The DOL Ruling, Outcomes, and Goldfish

Experienced, thoughtful retirement plan advisors, who serve as a plan fiduciary, can unburden plan sponsors and allow them to focus on their business. Through improved plan design and providing impartial investment guidance, participants stand a better chance of improving outcomes and achieving retirement at their desired age. Read More

A Word on Volatility

Retirement savers are looking at their 9/30/15 statements and are likely seeing some disappointing numbers. This is a good time to provide perspective and show how the market’s volatility can work for us…and recall the sage wisdom of market philosopher, Bill Belichick. Read More

Defined Benefit Plan Entropy

Equity returns, shifts in the yield curve and pending legislative changes have significant implications for defined benefit plan sponsors. This article summarizes how this confluence of events could affect DB plans from administrative and financial standpoints for the end of 2015 and beyond. Read More